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YamUp and me.

History in the making

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I have always been very passionate about my heritage and I can definitely thank my parents for passing on their knowledge to me. Being raised in the UK, we tend to forget where we come from. I come from a very big family and both my parents were part of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Rastafarian community, so naturally being raised in Rastafarian community, I was too.

As a teenager you tend to rebel a bit and explore other things to find your own identity but your foundations and teachings never leave you.

-Shamane McKnight

Growing up as a Rasta, it was instilled in me to be proud of being a Black Royalty. We were taught our Black history(not just slavery), core values and that as Black people we are one and we all belong in Africa, no matter what Island you were taken too, the end goal was always to move back home, to Shashamane, the town in which I was named after in Ethiopia.

When I met Brett, I knew I had met my soulmate. He had a vision to unite our community as a whole, which I found very inspiring as I share the same vision. We know first hand the potential of us all working together. YamUp has become a huge part of my life and I can't wait to help bring it to life. We have carefully worked on YamUp for almost 2 years and can’t wait for everyone to experience our amazing business.

We have so much to give. Do watch this space for great things.


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