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A story to be told...

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Listen to the good things people say about you!- Brett Izu

When I decided it was time to start a business, little did I know I would find a way to unite my Caribbean and African roots harmoniously in an App. I have walked many miles to get here but once I put my life into perspective and found love, YamUp was the next step for me. Hence the hashtag- #itsalifestyle. YamUp represents my life and how I choose to be a valuable member in my community, leading us progressively by uniting traditions with technology.

Shamane and I have been working hard on this for almost 2 years, fine tuning our business model with our mentor, speaking to experts and building the App to make sure we cover all aspects whilst respecting our cultural values. I am of Jamaican and Nigerian heritage and one thing that is common in both our cultures is the ceremony of food.

I hadn't appreciated how much effort went into African and Caribbean meals until I met Shamane. It's a lifestyle we have cultivated in making sure there is more than enough food in our home. But I would rather spend quality time with my family at the weekends, than wasting time and energy shopping.

I wanted our business to connect to my roots, my community and my family. YamUp made perfect sense and when Shamane came on board, it was smooth sailing for us. She made up for areas I lacked and because she shared my vision, I felt inspired. Now with my many years of experience as a salesman and having struggled throughout my youth with dyslexia, all I can say is I am grateful for where I am now by living by my vision and expectations for myself.

So watch this space, We're taking you on our adventure!

Brett Paul Izu

March 2018

Brett Paul Izu

March 2018

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